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Clerics Get No Love

Darius Whiteplume

Inspirational Webcomics

  • Oglaf: extremely funny, but not at all safe for work.
  • Looking for Group: fairly World of Warcraft based, but has all the elements a D&Der can love.
  • PVP: the first webcomic I read on a regular basis.

Creative Friends That Make Me Try Harder

  • Tenebrous Kate: witty and charming. Awesome artist and writes a blog that will curl your toes.
  • Shon Richards: writer of erotica and well steeped in all things I love.
  • Thomas Pluck: crime fiction author, MMA enthusiast, and all around swell guy.
  • Yum-Yum: mysterious blogger with some of the finest turns of phrase out there. If movies are your thing, then House of Self-Indulgence is the blog for you.
  • Bubba Shelby: comic artist and action figure enthusiast who makes me wish I could actually draw.